Pediatric Chiropractic Care

pediatric chiropractic

When Dr. Ty’s children were just hours old, they received their first chiropractic adjustment. Birth is not easy on a baby and can be quite traumatic on the spine of an infant. Not just any chiropractor should see infants and children. Dr. Ty has an additional 200 hours of pediatric training and is certified through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).

Pediatric Chiropractic Technique

Often people think a chiropractic adjustment is the same for adults as it is for children. Pediatric adjustments are similar to adult chiropractic adjustments, but they are gentler. There are two ways of adjusting pediatric patients. One is through light vibration, the other is through light sustained pressure. The amount of pressure in a pediatric adjustment is similar to the amount of pressure you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato or avocado. 

Pediatric Symptoms

Although adults most commonly come to a chiropractor to seek relief from neck and back pain, most young children don’t suffer from those types of aches and pains. Very young patients may just be chronically fussy for no reason that the parent can figure out. Pediatric patients often see a chiropractor for ear infections, colic, gastrointestinal concerns (constipation, gas, acid reflux), asthma, and allergies.

One of Dr. Ty’s pediatric patients came to him when she was six months old. She suffered from acid reflux and eating issues. She would commonly vomit after eating certain textures. Her parents had taken her to see a GI specialist, a neurologist, and a physical therapist. She was on three different medications and still not seeing relief. Her parents were at the end of their rope and decided to try chiropractic care. 

Through Dr. Ty’s care, she was able to finally see relief from her issues and quit taking all of her medications. Her parents felt such a sense of relief to have a solution. Now they were no longer consumed with her eating problems and monitoring her medications. They were finally able to relax and enjoy a more normal family life. 

Pediatric adjustment has also been shown to help with neurological issues like ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety and behavior issues. If your child suffers from neurological issues, gastrointestinal concerns, ear infections or allergies, make an appointment to see Dr. Ty today. You will be amazed at the relief your children (and your whole family) can get through regular chiropractic adjustment.