Chiropractic for Sport Injuries

Chiropractic for sports injury

Imagine the first time a child participates in a sport. There is eager anticipation from both the child and the parents. They signed up and purchased the gear. Now the child shows up for the first time at the field, court, or rink. Participating in their first sport is a milestone. As they progress in their athletic career, student athletes also face injuries. Chiropractic for sports injuries can help with both prevention and recovery.

It is estimated that over 70% of children ages 6-12 participate in a team or individual sport. By the time kids turn 12, they are often specializing in a sport and participating in competitive or traveling teams. This specialization continues into their teen years and high school career. 

chiropractic and sports

Sports Injury Prevention

Dr. Ty Hall was a student athlete in high school and college. If he had known then what he knows now, here are the top things he would have done differently:

Working Out Off Season. Working out during the off season helps maintain strength and flexibility.Eating Good Nutrition. Although teenagers are known for being junk food junkies, proper nutrition helps fuel your body. When your body has the right nutrients, it enhances performance and aids in recovery.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustment. When joints are not aligned, it puts extra strain on the muscles. It can also affect the form of the athlete. This can cause strains and sprains. Chiropractic for sports helps prevent and reduce injuries

Massage. Getting massage can help sore muscles feel better, prevent injuries and aid in recovery from injuries. Ice Baths. Taking an ice bath after a workout can reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Stretching and Yoga. Stretching and yoga helps increase balance, core strength and flexibility. Strength Training. Participating in regular strength training improves flexibility and reduces injuries.

 Chiropractic for Sports Injury Recovery.

Unfortunately, along with the fun and new skills involved in sports participation, there are also injuries. Some injuries result from impact with the ground, the equipment, or other players. Other injuries are due to repetitive use. These injuries happen from doing the same motion over and over again. 

Although fractures and lacerations are best treated at the emergency room, many sports injuries can benefit from a visit to the chiropractor. Chiropractors not only adjust the neck and spine, they can align joints like knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Adjustment can speed up healing, reduce inflammation and improve function of the joints. 

Enhanced Performance

One of Dr. Ty’s patients was an elite runner. She spent her weekends flying to different cities to participate in half and full marathons. In her running career, she had participated in about 100 5K runs and more than 50 half marathons. She came to the clinic wanting help with neck and upper back tightness.
After receiving chiropractic care at the clinic, the tightness reduced, causing more comfort for her while running. Her overall recovery between races improved significantly, allowing her to continue running and qualifying for the Boston marathon. 
If you are a student athlete or an adult participating in sports as a hobby, schedule an appointment with East Valley Chiropractic. We can help you prevent and recover from injuries as well as enhance your overall performance through chiropractic for sports.