Natural Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies
Natural Treatment for Seasonal Allergies
Natural Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

by Dr. Ty Hall in Health Posted on 

01/04/2020 00:00

Before Dr. Ty Hall ever considered becoming a chiropractor, he was a college student. As an athlete, he was seeing a chiropractor to help his performance and prevent injuries. He was also suffering from seasonal allergies. After visiting the chiropractor, he noticed his allergies were greatly improved. This sparked an interest that led him to his career as a chiropractor.

What is an Allergy?

An allergy is an overreaction to a foreign substance in the body. This includes environmental substances like pollen, dust, mold, and chemicals as well as foods and animal dander. When your body comes in contact with an allergen, it responds with a reaction to the substance. If you aren’t allergic, you won’t have a reaction. If you have an allergy to the substance, the body misinterprets it as a threat and attacks. The body recognizes the irritant and reacts. Common allergy symptoms include: sneezing, watery eyes, respiratory and sinus problems, skin rashes and digestive issues. It is a response of the nervous system. When the nervous system is out of balance, it overreacts – causing allergy symptoms. 

How to Minimize Allergies

Chiropractic Adjustment: The nervous system depends on good communication between the brain and the spinal column. When the spine is out of alignment, it can contribute to allergic reactions due to decreased immunity. Chiropractic adjustment not only aligns the spine and joints, it brings the nervous system in balance so it can properly respond to irritants without causing a reaction with the immune system. Think of a straight spine as a clear communication between your brain and the rest of the body. When your spine is not aligned, the nervous system can’t communicate properly and may contribute to an allergic overreaction. Although getting a chiropractic adjustment won’t cure everyone from their allergies, many people find relief.

Essential Oils: Essential oils are pure oil derived from plants that have beneficial properties. Many essential oils can be used to relieve physical symptoms. Many allergies involve an increased production of histamines. Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and tea tree contain anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. 

Local Raw Honey: Taking a tablespoon of local raw honey each day can help control seasonal allergy symptoms. Local honey contains bee pollen from your area which can help build an immunity to local seasonal allergens. 

Herbal Remedies: Quercetin and Butterbur are herbs that have antihistamine properties. Try one of them for relief of symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Put 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with lemon juice for relief from allergy symptoms. Take this daily for best results.

Allergy Relief

While seasonal allergies can be frustrating, finding the right combination of natural remedies can bring you relief. We encourage you to seek professional medical help as needed. Dr. Ty can help get your spine in alignment for optimal communication of your nervous system. Go here to schedule an appointment.