health care vs. sick care

Improve Your Overall Health

Our healthcare system is primarily reactionary. You only go if you have a symptom or an illness. It is actually a sick care system. Its role is to keep you from getting worse and help you get better. True health care is proactive and preventative. It focuses on improving your overall health. 

When a mother is expecting a baby, she doesn’t just show up when she’s in labor. She sees a doctor regularly throughout the pregnancy to make sure both she and the baby are progressing normally and in good health. Likewise, you can be more proactive about your overall health. Here are some ways to improve your health and prevent illness, disease and injury before they happen.

Your diet is a key factor to overall health. What you eat fuels your body. If you fill it with foods rich in vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water, it boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. If you fill it full of sugar and junk food, your body will be more susceptible to illness, disease and infection. Sometimes food is used reactively to help heal – like when you make chicken soup for someone who is sick. Being more conscious of your diet on a day to day basis will directly affect your health. 

Getting regular exercise is another way to take care of your health. When your body is active, it builds strength and muscle, but also increases the capacity of your heart and lungs. It keeps your blood flowing and affects your overall health. 

Taking care of your mental health is another important element to your overall health. If you are stressed out, feeling anxious or depressed, it has an impact on your body. Giving yourself down time, seeking an outlet for your negative emotions, and seeking opportunities to increase your happiness are a few ways to take care of your mental health.

Seeing a chiropractor is an important proactive step to take for your health. A chiropractor can treat you when you experience pain, but the best course of action is regular adjustments. This keeps your spine in the best possible condition and helps prevent injury. It also affects your nervous system and immune system and impacts your overall health. 

You can’t change everything at once. Choose one small thing to improve. What have you done that has had an impact on your health? What are you going to try next? Comment below. If you are ready to add regular chiropractic care to your healthcare plan, contact us. East Valley Chiropractic loves helping individuals and families achieve better overall health.

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