A Collaborative Approach to Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps relieve pain and align the nervous system. For some patients it is a piece of the puzzle. At East Valley Chiropractic, we believe in collaborating with other professionals to get the best result for the patient. We have a network of people that we can refer our patients to, depending on their needs. Here are some ways that we can all work together.

What does a chiropractor do? 

Chiropractic care focuses on adjusting and aligning the spine. This takes pressure off the central nervous system. This can alleviate pain from pinched nerves and loosen up tight muscles and enhance optimal function. 

How does Physical Therapy help?

According to Dr. Beth Hubbard, owner and physical therapist at Achieve Health and Wellness, “ Physical Therapy provides services that develop, maintain and restore people’s maximum movement and functional ability by utilizing prescribed therapeutic exercises, therapeutic modalities such as manual therapy or electrotherapy, movement training, and education.”

She continues, “ Both PT and chiropractic care can assist a patient by reducing pain and providing proper body alignment while PT focuses on maintaining body alignment through movement and therapeutic exercises to increase quality of life and function.”

How can Occupational Therapy contribute?

“Occupational Therapy assists individuals with chronic, acute, or congential disorders/injuries to regain functional abilities that are essential for everyday life such as ADLs, return to work, strength, endurance, cognitive abilities etc.,” shares Jill Felts, OT at Achieve Health and Wellness.

As a specialist who works with children with neurological conditions, Jill has noticed, “Chiropractic care paired with OT can significantly help by providing deep pressure and proprioceptive input which creates a calming effect on the central nervous system, thereby decreasing disruptive sensory behaviors such as “fight or flight,” sensory seeking, sensory avoidance, and tactile defensive behaviors. Overall, this helps the child regulate to the environment and take in sensory input and respond to stimuli appropriately.”

What is the Role of Massage Therapy?

We frequently refer our patients to Linda Tousignant of Lakeview Massage. She shares, “Massage Therapy is a manual manipulation of the muscular structure and soft body tissues of the human body (Including muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments).Massage Therapy helps reduce pain, speed healing, helps soothe sore muscles and improve blood flow. It also doubles as a powerful natural stress reliever and much more.”

Linda adds, “ Combining Both Chiropractic and Massage Therapy can speed up recovery time for those suffering from sore muscles or other medical issues like insomnia, arthritis, sleeping, headaches, and  fibromyalgia etc. Together Chiropractic focuses on the hard tissue of the body (vertebrae and joints of the spine) while massage focuses on the soft tissues (muscles of the body). By targeting both the hard and soft tissues, a faster overall complete recovery is achieved. Regular treatment with both massage and chiropractic can help prevent pain from returning.”

What about Acupuncture?

Shauyu Vilimpoc, Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of Grace Acupuncture shares the basics of acupuncture. “Acupuncture is a procedure by inserting very tiny, fine needles in certain acupuncture points at the surface of the human body.  Traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM) believes that there is a network of channels deep inside of our body where energy circulates.  Discomfort arises when the channels were blocked either by physical injuries or emotional damages.  By tapping into the channels with the fine needles, the blockage can be removed and the discomfort can be resolved.”

She adds, “Acupuncture works in a deeper level of the human body.  After a chiropractic care, acupuncture helps the energy movement, reduces the inflammation and pain in the body.  Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments together will enhance the efficiency of the healing process.”

Many Practitioners can Work Together

The human body is a complex collection of systems that all work together. Often patients get great benefit from a collaborative approach to their care. While a chiropractor can incorporate a small amount of massage or recommend strengthening exercises, they cannot replace the benefits of massage and physical therapy. Likewise, an occupational therapist can help a patient learn new ways of performing tasks, but they cannot manipulate a spine that is misaligned.

Each practitioner and each modality approaches the same patient problem from a different angle. You may find relief from just one practitioner, but results can be exponential when multiple approaches are used at once. 

Dr. Ty Hall at East Valley Chiropractic collaborates with professionals in all of these modalities. If you need a referral, just ask. If you want to add chiropractic care to what you are already doing to treat your pain or injuries, schedule your appointment here

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