Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to a woman’s body. Weight gain, an expanding abdomen, and hormonal changes all affect the spine and joints. This can cause aches and pains for the mother as well as complications for the baby. Seeking chiropractic care for pregnancy has many benefits for both mother and baby.

One of our prenatal patients came to us in her 3rd trimester. She has an active job that involves a lot of standing and movement. She found that when she came home at the end of the day she had so much pain in her upper and lower back that she couldn’t sit comfortably on the couch or even find a comfortable position to lay in bed. It was affecting her sleep quality to the point where she could only sleep four hours at a time. 

After her first adjustment she was a little sore, but soon found that she felt genuinely better after every adjustment. She spends less time getting comfortable and can sleep through the night. She says, “I wish I would have started coming in my second trimester instead of waiting until my third.” After the baby was born we asked how delivery went for her first baby. She said, “Easier than expected.” Working with a chiropractor through her pregnancy helped her be more comfortable during and pregnancy and helped her have a smooth delivery. 

Webster Certification

One complication that happens late in pregnancy is when the baby is presenting breech. When the baby is not positioned with its head down it can result in complications and delivery by c-section. Chiropractors can be certified in a technique called the Webster technique. This manipulation of the pelvis can help the baby to shift into position. This reduces complications during delivery and unnecessary surgery for the mother. 

Dr. Ty Hall is certified in the Webster technique. A couple years ago a patient came to him in her 3rd trimester. The baby was presenting breech and she was concerned about the possibility of a c-section. Dr. Ty did a series of  chiropractic adjustments using the Webster technique. The mother was scheduled for a procedure to flip the baby at her doctor’s office. The morning of the procedure, something felt different. When she arrived for the procedure they did an ultrasound and found that the baby had already flipped and was presenting normally. She avoided the extra procedure and was able to have a normal delivery. 

Adjustments during pregnancy are similar to regular adjustments, but may require the use of an additional pillow to support the abdomen. The chiropractor will also use a more gentle technique to protect both mother and baby. 

chiropractic care for pregnancy

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

In addition to easing back pain and helping prevent a c-section, seeking chiropractic care for pregnancy can help with:

  • Controlling nausea
  • Reducing time of labor and delivery

If you are feeling the effects of pregnancy on your body, don’t put off seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Ty can help you reduce aches and pains as well as minimize risks during your pregnancy. Make an appointment at East Valley Chiropractic today.

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